Traditional Highland Bagpiper

Piper Terence Manning


My goal is to provide the best musical performance for you at your special event.  I can play many traditional and modern bagpipe tunes, and have many kilt tartans with both formal and military attire that will satisfy any request.

The Great Highland Bagpipe is best for large spaces, while Scottish Small Pipes compliment smaller venues like chapels.

About me:

  1. *Over 20 years of piping experience

  2. *Active Competition Piper in the EUSPBA

  3. *Professional and Reliable

  4. *Currently a piper with The Manchester Pipe Band

  5. *Scot-Irish roots

  6. *Former Pipe Major of The Celtic Cross Pipe Band in Danbury, CT


Celebrate Your Special Event with Bagpipes

Bagpipe Instrument Choices:

Great Highland Bagpipe:  Mouth blown, 3 drones rest on the left shoulder. 

Scottish Small Pipes: Bellows blown, 3 drones rest across the arms.  Much quieter than the Great Highland Bagpipes.  Excellent for smaller venues.

Webpage updated: January 17, 2016

Round Hill Scottish Games

2012 - Taking a break with my Dad.  It was a hot one!

Photographer: Jen Osojnicki